D a v i d  R.  G r u b e r, PhD

Assistant Professor of Cognition & Communication

University of Copenhagen

Science Comm + Technological Rhetorics + New Media

Writing Studies - Rhetorical Theory - Affect Theory


Dr. David R. Gruber

As an interdisciplinary researcher, I try to think broadly. I enjoy studying the social aspects of science and technology and analyzing technical and scientific documents. I have spent a lot of time learning how people use neuroscience in other field areas to build new theories, therapies, or products. More recently, I have been studying the ways that local environments shape and shift our affects - how pipelines, waterways, train systems, etc. lead to specific kinds of feelings and performances that have aesthetically related contours. Some of this concern is evident in my first book on brain art in the chapter on "neurosensuality"; however, I perform a more thorough exploration in my forthcoming book titled Splat. I also make digital artwork and play with multimedia composition.

My Writings

David R. Gruber, Splat! On throwing things and the messy politics of material protest, Enculturation journal's 'Intermezzo' books series, forthcoming 2021.


David R. Gruber, Brain art and neuroscience: Neurosensuality and affective realism, Routledge, 2020. (Sample chapter available here.)


David R. Gruber and Lynda Walsh, Eds. The Routledge Handbook of Language and Science, Routledge, Dec. 2019


Journal Articles

Journal of Consciousness Studies - 'Questioning Conscious Realism, an interview with Donald Hoffman' - 2021

Rhizomes - 'The brain is a blinding light, an essay' - 2021

Journal of Science Communication - 'Neurons in sparkling space' - 2021

Quarterly Journal of Speech - 'New materialist theory for events of dissention' - 2020

Leonardo - 'A Critical NeuroArt for a Critical Neuroscience' - 2020

Enculturation - 'Plural Forms of Rhetorical Identification' - 2020

⚬ World Medical & Health Policy - 'Socializing the gut' (w/ J. Kalin) - 2019

Body & Society - 'There is No Brain' - 2019

⚬ POROI - 'Scientific Futures for a Rhetoric of Science' - 2019

Rhet of Health and Medicine - 'Gut Rhetorics' (w/ J. Kalin) - 2018

Written Communication - 'Three forms of Neuro-Realism' - 2017

⚬ Journal of Medical Humanities - 'Bodies in Genres of Practice' - 2017

Journal of Science Communication - 'Measuring Debate about Mirror Neurons' - 2016

⚬ Journal of Medical Humanities - 'Interactivity and Diagnosis: Medicalization of the Post-Museum' 2016

⚬ Rhetoric Review - 'Reinventing the Brain, Revising Neurorhetorics' - 2016

Language and Communication - 'Suasive Speech: A stronger affective defense of rhetoric' - 2016

Media Commons - 'Gesture / Language / Mirror' (multimedia research w/ D. Howe) - 2014

Technical Communication Quarterly - 'Mirror Neurons in a Group Analysis 'Hall of Mirrors' - 2014

Rhetoric Society Quarterly - 'Affective Constitutive Rhetoric' - 2014

⚬ Writing and Pedagogy - 'From Typing to Touching' - 2014

Public Understanding of Science - 'Persuasive Images in Popular Science' (w/ J. Dickerson) - 2012

HyperRhiz - 'Tunnel Vision' (w/ D. Rieder) - 2012

⚬ Visual Comm Quarterly - 'Theatrical Bodies: Comedy and Tragedy in Two Anatomical Displays' - 2011

⚬ POROI - 'Rhetoric and the Neurosciences' (w/ Jack et al.) - 2011

Ctheory - 'Bodies Without Skin' - 2011

Media History - 'From the Screen to Me: Three Phases of the Human-Computer Relationship' - 2010



⚬ Technocultures - 'Three Poems'


Book Chapters

⚬ Comm. Convergence in Contem. China - ''Ploughing Fortunes' (news metaphors of fine wine in China) - 2020

⚬ Rhetorical Animals - 'Multiple Rhetorical Animals' - 2017

⚬ Imagining China - 'Lufsig rhetoric, throwing plush toys' - 2017

⚬ Methods in the Rhetoric of Health & Medicine - 'Experiments in Rhetoric' - 2017

⚬ Creativity and Discovery in the University - 'Using digital infographics and timelines' - 2015

⚬ Rhet and the DH - 'New Materialism and a Rhetoric of Scientific Practice in Digital Humanities' - 2014

Art Projects

brainspace exhibit

Brain Space

NFTs made from my own brain scans, exploring themes of fear-futurism-space-invasiveness


Interactive Gesture Algorithm

A collaborative project inspired by mirror neuron research in the cognitive neurosciences.

speechless by annika kompart

Speechless, Experimental Dance Project

An experimental dance project led and designed by Annika Kompart; I participated as an invited guest.

Critical NeuroArt

Critical NeuroArt

Part I in a series dedicated to iterative text projects involving neuroscience communication and critical-cultural evaluation.

Critical NeuroArt

Critical NeuroArt

Part II in the series.

Smog Tree Processing Work

Ecological Automation Processing Work

A tree fractal project made with Processing programming.

CutUps Images

Image Cut-Ups

An image series about digital fragmentation and cultural experience.

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